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Testing new mood theme (made by radiogaga80 on livejournal) - Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes.
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Aargh, no! Why did I see this, help! Click if you dare, people with little time on their hands... (The thing is, I have an almost fully-formed idea for a paper in my head, God help me.)
Also: Why don't I have any Sherlock icons?!

Tune in

Feb. 6th, 2012 06:07 pm
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Arthur Darvill (Rory on Doctor Who) stars in a new BBC radio play based on Gulliver's Travels. Check it out!
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Finally found out why I was unable to edit my comments: I had to renew my paid account. Which also means: MOAR icons. Here's one I haven't used for some time.
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OMG, I have GOT to stop reading Moffat interviews. On being accused of sexism (re: A Scandal in Belgravia):

"In the original, Irene Adler's victory over Sherlock Holmes was to move house and run away with her husband. That's not a feminist victory." He says he found [Jane Clare] Jones's argument "deeply offensive". "Everyone else gets it that Irene wins. When Sherlock turns up to save her at the end it's like Eliza Dolittle [sic] coming back to Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady [my italics]: 'OK, I like you, now let me hack up these terrorists with a big sword.'"

HAHAHA! Dig yourself in deeper, darling! That stupid, tacked-on ending manages to RUIN Shaw's play by being horribly, well, sexist! ('OK, I like you, now let me get you your slippers.') By Moffat's logic, Henry Higgins is 'winning' / has 'beaten' Eliza.
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Major spoiler for Reichenbach )
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Twitter post by Steven Moffat:
Reichenbach )
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A great hour-long interview recorded during the Arts & Leisure Weekend  of the New York Times can be watched here.

On being told about Snape by JKR prior to filming the first Harry Potter film:
Alan: "It was a small piece of information that she let me know that there was more to him that met the eye." Patrick: "Can you share with us what that was?" Alan: "No, I told her I never would. And I never have."
That's just so right.

He also talks about his involvement in developing Snape's costume: He insisted on buttons, buttons, buttons. Clearly, he understood the character.

Lots of other interesting stuff - very funny & articulate. Squeeeee!

ETA: Belated Happy Birthday, Severus Snape (January 9)!
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That was genuinely creepy! (Esp. two scenes: Floodlights & lab - I had to turn down the sound a bit...) Mark Gatiss clearly had fun reinventing the original story. Thumbs up: one of Conan Doyle's secondary male characters gets a sex change. And no Moffail!
Minor spoiler )
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Take a look at the high-res scans of the Deathly Hallows 2 Awards booklet and CRY! The stills look absolutely fantastic, "beautifully bleak" indeed, as one critic described the cinematography. Remember the bright primary colours of Philosopher's Stone? Holy cricket, show me any other series, book or film, that has such range in mood and style.
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It seems they are determined to make years 5-7 as funny as 1-4.
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The Academy Awards season is starting NOW.

Behind cut: spoiler for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 )

ETA: Rational thought has returned: Robbie Coltraine for Best Supporting Actor? I love him, but he was barely in it! Gary Oldman? Don't be silly, he had one line! Don't make this extra confusing, please.
Also, the background music on the new WB site is from Part 1... /nitpicking
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Funny Game of Thrones / Harry Potter crossover.

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I'm cooking pumpkin soup while listening to Sound Opinion's Halloween episode - beautiful scary music!
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Roland Emmerich's Anonymous is causing a lot of handwringing from Shakespeare fans because it's trying to pass off a crazy conspiracy theory (aka the Oxford Theory) as fact. The idea of Shakespeare as fraud doesn't really bother me as long as it makes for a good movie, but this is just very disappointing (slight spoilers):

"The film’s celebration of incest precludes a celebration of the homoerotic, unless Oxford should engage in sexual relations with his own son alias grandson Southampton. The homoerotic is authentically suggested by the personalities of Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, the earl of Oxford, the Earl of Southampton, King James, the use all-male acting troupes, and a great deal of the best literature of the age, including Shakespeare’s second dedicatory address to the Earl of Southampton (in The Rape of Lucrece) and possibly some of his sonnets. Where is the homoerotic in the film? Nowhere, except for a few smutty gestures, as when Nashe (?) puts his hand on Dekker’s (?) knee."

How can you put Shakespeare, Marlowe and Southampton in a movie and ignore the homoeroticism. Oh, the missed opportunities! FAIL! (Plus: implicit Sonnets!Fail)

Read the whole review here: Blogging Shakespeare


Aug. 27th, 2011 10:38 am
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I'm in Pottermore! The welcome e-mail arrived yesterday evening. Am now happily clicking through Philosopher's Stone. The graphics are really pretty, but the whole thing needs sound effects (and perhaps some music). It's a bit like a classic point-and-click game.

Embarrassing fact: I'm a little nervous about the sorting...

Also: I really don't have time for this at the moment (two deadlines next week, argh).
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Am I crazy or did they use the wrong prophecy (the one Trelawney told Harry, not the one overheard by Snape) in the memory scene in DH2?
Argh! But then, they never introduced the whole Snape-was-the-one-who-told-Voldemort-about-the-prophecy plot-point. But even the glimpse of Voldemort coming out of the cauldron makes not sense in the chronology of Snape's memories. Lily dies years before that event. Failboding!
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You can choose from a couple of names they suggest and can't make up your own name, but I rather like this one!
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Just returned home from HP midnight premiere.

JKR, David Yates et al: Thank you.


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