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OMG, I have GOT to stop reading Moffat interviews. On being accused of sexism (re: A Scandal in Belgravia):

"In the original, Irene Adler's victory over Sherlock Holmes was to move house and run away with her husband. That's not a feminist victory." He says he found [Jane Clare] Jones's argument "deeply offensive". "Everyone else gets it that Irene wins. When Sherlock turns up to save her at the end it's like Eliza Dolittle [sic] coming back to Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady [my italics]: 'OK, I like you, now let me hack up these terrorists with a big sword.'"

HAHAHA! Dig yourself in deeper, darling! That stupid, tacked-on ending manages to RUIN Shaw's play by being horribly, well, sexist! ('OK, I like you, now let me get you your slippers.') By Moffat's logic, Henry Higgins is 'winning' / has 'beaten' Eliza.
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Major spoiler for Reichenbach )
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Twitter post by Steven Moffat:
Reichenbach )
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That was genuinely creepy! (Esp. two scenes: Floodlights & lab - I had to turn down the sound a bit...) Mark Gatiss clearly had fun reinventing the original story. Thumbs up: one of Conan Doyle's secondary male characters gets a sex change. And no Moffail!
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