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The Academy Awards season is starting NOW.

Behind cut: spoiler for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 )

ETA: Rational thought has returned: Robbie Coltraine for Best Supporting Actor? I love him, but he was barely in it! Gary Oldman? Don't be silly, he had one line! Don't make this extra confusing, please.
Also, the background music on the new WB site is from Part 1... /nitpicking


Jul. 8th, 2011 10:49 pm
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Spoiler alert! New scene (not in the book) from DH2 released feat. Snape (who seems to be growing his hair).

Accio Tuesday!

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One of the gazillion DH clips we've been given by WB. Seriously, I feel as if I've already seen the whole movie.
Snape runs Voldemort's business (the Death Eaters would be completely lost without him, oh the irony),  Bellatrix is in full fawning mode and I'm going to hell for wanting to move into Malfoy Manor. 
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Beautiful deleted scene from Half-Blood Prince featuring the Hogwarts Choir ("emergency choir practice"!). I'm guessing it was cut because it reveals too much about Snape's feelings (plus we don't  see him from Harry's p.o.v.), which is a shame (because, really, is this still a spoiler?!) - it's really quite touching.



Jul. 27th, 2009 05:25 pm
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Hilarious "HBP in 15 Minutes" by [ profile] cleolinda here.

"Snape's First Defense Against the Dark Arts Class, A Position He Has Tried to Get Lo These Many Years and Everyone Has Deeply Feared Him Attaining.

[This scene has been cut for time.]"

I would have loved to hear Snape's "unfixed, mutating" start-of-term speech where he talks about the Dark Arts with "a loving caress" in his voice. *faints*

"SNAPE: Look, do you mind? Yes, I am the Half-Blood Prince, and I just killed my only friend and I've got my hands full here with Prince Valiant and the pedowolf and however many Carrows we're up to now--BELLA! I said LET'S ROLL!"

In short, it sucks to be Snape. I need a Snape HUG ME icon...

Will see it again tonight!!

ETA: Pincer gif! I love the internet!
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OMG, I feel like I've seen half the movie already, but CAN'T RESIST CLICKING! New footage from Half-Blood Prince on HBO's First Look, incl. Unbreakable Vow and Asronomy Tower bits!!!!!

Parts 1 & 2 embedded after the cut! )
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Only two more weeks to go and WB are throwing film clips and pictures at us like crazy. Behind the cut: Two screenshots showing Snape at Spinner's End. Look at his shabby armchair and his BOOKS! *in love*

Enter Snape's (more or less) comfy home! )

High res images here.
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Great new Snape poster, but it seems that the 'villain'-label is really hard to get off, especially when people are trying to promote a movie...

High res version here.
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Welcome, [ profile] pamphila - have some eye-candy!

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Warner Brothers have broken their Unbreakable Vow / called off Christmas changed the release date of HBP from November 2008 to July 2009, but the pictures still keep coming in.

Look! It's Snape's private library! But what's with the Bride of Frankenstein-hair for Narcissa Malfoy? And something's odd. The lighting? Bellatrix looking just a liiittle too Goth? Still love the buttons, though, and I'm glad they've kept the whole Spinner's End scene. They can't edit out Snape this time - HE'S IN THE FREAKING TITLE! *evil laughter*

High res version of the picture can be found here.
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More silliness because my brain = dead.

Posted by [ profile] peignoir in [ profile] lolpotters


Oct. 12th, 2007 09:23 am
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Posted by [ profile] peignoir in [ profile] lolpotters.
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I'm staying off the internet for the next few days to avoid spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (OMG, only two more days...) - it's just not safe anymore...

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Occlumency! )
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Seriously, that second picture kills me dead.


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