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Roland Emmerich's Anonymous is causing a lot of handwringing from Shakespeare fans because it's trying to pass off a crazy conspiracy theory (aka the Oxford Theory) as fact. The idea of Shakespeare as fraud doesn't really bother me as long as it makes for a good movie, but this is just very disappointing (slight spoilers):

"The film’s celebration of incest precludes a celebration of the homoerotic, unless Oxford should engage in sexual relations with his own son alias grandson Southampton. The homoerotic is authentically suggested by the personalities of Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare, the earl of Oxford, the Earl of Southampton, King James, the use all-male acting troupes, and a great deal of the best literature of the age, including Shakespeare’s second dedicatory address to the Earl of Southampton (in The Rape of Lucrece) and possibly some of his sonnets. Where is the homoerotic in the film? Nowhere, except for a few smutty gestures, as when Nashe (?) puts his hand on Dekker’s (?) knee."

How can you put Shakespeare, Marlowe and Southampton in a movie and ignore the homoeroticism. Oh, the missed opportunities! FAIL! (Plus: implicit Sonnets!Fail)

Read the whole review here: Blogging Shakespeare
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Tomorrow is the Euro 2008 final (Germany vs. Spain). To get into the mood, I went looking for slashy fan videos of the German football team on YouTube. Ballack/Frings and Podolski/Schweinsteiger seem to be the most popular pairings. I have a feeling this is only the tip of a very slashy iceberg...

1) "Football Is Love" - various pairings.

More videos behind the cut! )
Angst! Pain! Love!

Löw / Ballack

Rolfes - there will be blood!

Poldi / Schweini
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[ profile] fandrogyny discusses Mafalda Stasi's "The Toy Soldiers from Leeds: The Slash Palimpsest". Don't have time today, but I really should reread that essay (slash/fan fiction and intertextuality). Other essays (Driscoll, Woledge) from Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet (eds. Karen Hellekson and Kristina Busse) are excerpted and annotated in earlier posts.
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A scene inspired by sonnet 20 from an unpublished manuscript (ca. 1844) by David Masson, quoted in S. Schoenbaum's Shakespeare's Lives:

"Reclining on a chair, tearing his spaniel's neck with his ringed & ruffled hand from which he has just dropped a volume, is a youth in the first bloom of years, his forehead fair as a girls' [sic] although with manlier locks clustering round it, his eye-lids downcast so that their orbs are fringed, & the soft peach of his cheek first dimpling where it curls towards the small proud lip, & then rounding itself away in the white chin & throat. Standing by a window near & looking with a smile of pleasure & affection on the youth, is a man in his early prime, full-browed, clear-eyed, & with a short-close beard."

Sorry, it breaks off here...
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While looking for live footage of the slightly doomed Nine Inch Nails performance at the Rock am See Festival a couple of weeks ago (I was there, it rocked despite the technical fuck-ups) I stumbled upon two fan videos (both by editsbydan) using songs from the latest NIN album Year Zero and was pretty much blown away by how well the visuals suited the music and vice versa. Apart from the Harry Potter/Brokeback Mountain mash-up trailers I posted about in my very first lj entry I'm not really familiar with a lot of fanvids, but I would hazard a guess that these two rank among the better ones, at least from a purely aesthetic perspective. In this Twilight; Me, I'm Not and slashy take on Closer )
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Another item goes on the wish list:

Check out the description and user comments on
This is basically illustrated fan fiction ("[it] reeks of 'Fanfiction'" writes one doubtful reader on - with a slashy twist! Mild spoilers ) Actually, while skipping through my Labyrinth screencaps today, I realized just how much Bowie-as-Jareth resembles those elegant and androgynous villains in Japanese video games (and mangas, presumably, I must admit I have very limited knowledge on that subject). Plus: the Ziggy Stardust look was heavily influenced by the costumes of Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto and Kabuki theatre (*is a geek*). All together now: IT'S ALL CONNECTED!


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