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A great hour-long interview recorded during the Arts & Leisure Weekend  of the New York Times can be watched here.

On being told about Snape by JKR prior to filming the first Harry Potter film:
Alan: "It was a small piece of information that she let me know that there was more to him that met the eye." Patrick: "Can you share with us what that was?" Alan: "No, I told her I never would. And I never have."
That's just so right.

He also talks about his involvement in developing Snape's costume: He insisted on buttons, buttons, buttons. Clearly, he understood the character.

Lots of other interesting stuff - very funny & articulate. Squeeeee!

ETA: Belated Happy Birthday, Severus Snape (January 9)!
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Except for the 'kids' part (although that might imply that adult fans have, of course, read book 7 by now), this bit from an interview with Alan Rickman makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

EW: Okay, I think your wranglers are giving me the signal, but I have to say, even before I go to the end of the Harry Potter books -
Mr. Rickman: Before you go further, I never, ever talk about that character. Number one, because it's not fair on kids [?!?] who haven't read the end. And for me to say anything - there's a bit of it that just should be left innocent. It's real storytelling, what she's done, and I'm part of that. So I just never talk about it.
EW: When do you go back to shoot Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?
Mr. Rickman: They're shooting six [now], and I start shooting my part of it beginning of February.
EW: It's a bigger part for you this time.
Mr. Rickman: Ahh.... There's important stuff. [Smiles]

ETA: Here are some nice new pictures of him. Love the scarf!
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Let me count the ways:
I love the trailer to your new movie Sweeney Todd. Once again, maybe better than ever, you have managed to infuse classic story-book aesthetics with irony and some real darkness, adding both innocence and sensuality to Gorey-esque grotesqueries. This blend is delicious and I never tire of it. You gave the main part to your long-time collaborator Johnny Depp who gets the chance to let some extravagant craziness of the 'Why is the rum gone' variety seep into his acting style. And he sings. You also cast your beautiful partner, Helena Bonham-Carter, all pale skin and hooded eyes and gravity-defying hairstyles, and the inimitable Alan Rickman who might just be the only actor capable of stealing a movie from Johnny Depp. He, too, sings (though not in the trailer).

For all of this: Thank you.
I will have vengeance! )


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